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Neon Spike Tape - 6 Fluorescent Colors - Blacklight and UV Reactive Stage Tape - Colorful Washi Tape - .5 Inch x 30 Feet

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Our neon tape is a colorful fun way for kids and adults to create DIY projects, arts & crafts, or party decorations. This 6-pack of colored neon tape is perfect for school, camp, work, and everyday use. Our neon stage tape is blacklight and UV reflective it will brighten any party, stage, event, classroom, or walls & floors. Neon Tape works well on plastic, vinyl, leather, wood, glass, metal, and more! DETAILS: 6 Neon Rolls Size: .5 Inches by 30 Feet Colors Include: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, and Purple Black Light and UV Reactive Long-Lasting Stickiness Easy to Tear Cloth Material ★GREAT FOR DESIGNING: Scrapbooking Stage Markings Color Coding Label Making Decorations Concert and Party Supplies Skateboarding Tape Baseball Tape OTHER USES: Classroom Crafts / DIY Projects Organizing your Workspace Labeling and Color Coding