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Heavy Duty Duct Tape - 6 Rolls Bulk Pack - 2 Inches x 90 Feet

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Our heavy duct tape works great for DIY home repairs, plumbing, HVAC, construction, industrial use, and so much more. This duct tape works well on wood, stone, plaster, metal, brick, plastic, and most surfaces. With our 6-pack of super-strong tape, you can seal or repair any small or large project! DETAILS: 6 Rolls Size: 2 Inches by 30 Yards Heavy Duty Adhesive Long-Lasting Stickiness Easy to Tear and Use Great Price OTHER USES: General Repairs HVAC and Plumbing Pipe Repair Sealing and Patching Holes Labeling Packing Boxes Tent Repair/ Camp Necessity Removes Splinters and Warts Protects Walls and Floors