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Colored Electrical Tape - 10 Extra-Large Rolls - 75 in x 66 Ft

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This set of assorted colored electrical tape has 10 extra-large rolls, measuring ¾” Inches by 66’ Feet in a variety of vibrant colors, including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, Gray, and White.

Our colored electrical tape is an essential household tool, indispensable in the home and toolbox. Electrical tape helps to insulate exposed wire, secure wire bundles, and protect electrical circuits, all while tightly holding things tightly in place.

This tape is vital for repairing damaged and exposed wires while providing protection from electric shocks and short-circuiting. Using this colorful tape, you can use cord and cable identification and keep track of which wires are high voltage, neutral, or grounded.


  • 10 Rolls of Electrical Tape
  • Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, Black, Brown, and White
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive Tape
  • Long-Lasting Stickiness
  • Protects Corrosion of Electrical Conductors
  • Easy to Apply and Use
  • Weather, UV Rays, Corrosion, Acid and Moisture Resistant


  • Wiring & Insulation
  • High Adhesion to Wire and Cables
  • Wrapping Around Exposed Wires
  • Stopping Wires from Short-Circuiting
  • Wrapping Around Rope to Prevent Fraying and Unraveling
  • Protecting Against Electric Shocks
  • Preventing Fires and Outages